Days off, how I love you…

I am half-way through my days off and they have not only been fun but productive too! I went to bootcamp today at lunchtime, I don’t go to them too often but they are a fantastic way to mix up my usual spin/TRX/run combo of workouts. It was a tough one, 2 rounds of a circut and then 6 different tabatas of 4 rounds each. I worked hard and felt so energized afterwards!

Now that Halloween is over I am SO looking forward to Christmas. I have been driving the bf nuts talking about all the decorations we’re going to have up. He thinks I’m a little overboard. šŸ˜‰ Just looking at pictures of how cute the house was decorated last year makes me want to start pulling out all my Grinch items! I think it’s a little early yet.

My question to you is, how early do you decorate and what is your favourite Christmas decoration to put up?

last year, so cozy and festive!


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