My struggle with yoga

I want to like yoga, I really do. I’ve been told I have the flexibility of a geriatric senior (gee, thanks…) and I have high hopes that going to yoga a couple times a week improve my flexibility. I would be pumped to be able to touch my toes, so I’m not asking for too much I don’t think 😛

But every time I go, I find that the hour just ddrrrrraaaaaaagggggsss on. I’ve tried lots of instructors, in hopes of finding one not too spiritual. To each their own of course, I just find all “let your breath heal you” type of talk a bit much to handle. Maybe I’m too skeptical for yoga.

Once I lay down on my mat and try to be present with the room I find it hard to keep my thoughts there and not wandering to 1000 other things. I’ve tried saying “now I’m breathing in, now I’m breathing out” in my head, but that only lasts so long before my thoughts are elsewhere.

Tell me, what are your tips for keeping your thoughts present during your class? Any other ideas you think might help?

just imagine practicing yoga here...


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