Weekly Goals

As my set of days off this week come to a close I am very happy with how they went. I stuck to my workout schedule so that’s what I’m most proud of. I also cooked delicous and healthy meals 4 of the 5 nights (the bf and I were treated to a birthday supper on Tuesday). Both of these things show me that if I don’t let other events get in the way I can stick to my workout plan.

So, what are my goals for my upcoming workdays? Well, let’s see:

Saturday – Bodypump

Sunday – run/total body weights (Daylight Savings = 1 more hour sleep yay!)

Monday – rest

Tuesday – FitFlow

Wednesday – Bodypump or run/weights

I always schedule what I plan to do for workouts when I’m on shift but sometimes I finish work way later than planned and my workout the next day is scrapped for more sleep. If that happens I try to do some sort of quick workout on my supper break but it’s not the same as a real gym workout. I need at least 8hr of sleep a night, so getting up for a workout after just 6.5hr sleep just doesn’t cut it! 

Tell me, what do you do when your work/sleep/workouts conflict?



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