My verdict on BodyPump

Yesterday I hopped out of bed at 8:30 to go to BodyPump. I have only been once before but figured yesterday was a good day to go since there weren’t any other classes in the morning I wanted to go to. I was at the gym at 8:50, and thought class didn’t start til 9:15 so I just hung out in the locker room instead of the room the class was in. Turns out that the schedule changed and I didn’t know it, so I was late to class (ugh, I hate being that person who walks in after everyone else has started). My knee was still bothering me so I couldn’t do a whole lot during the legs track. I enjoyed the other tracks though, and if I start going on a regular basis I would have a better idea of what weights I needed. I ended up not really breaking a sweat so I didn’t feel like I worked hard, even though I fatigued most of my muscles.

In a few minutes I am off to the gym to do 30min on the eliptical and then an Upper Body workout. Having that extra hour of sleep last night sure helped!

Tell me, do you feel like you didn’t get a good workout if you didn’t sweat? Why or why not?


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