Treadmill, Tabata, and Target.. not necessairly in that order

That it what my next three days will be. The boyfriend and I are heading to Maine for a little shopping spree and I can hardly wait!

this will be me in 24 hours









I love to shop, I really do. It helps that shopping in the US is so much cheaper, and the restaurants are so yummy. Plus it’s a fun trip for us to take together. So excited!!


Let’s recap my past five days, workout wise. I had planned on:

Saturday – Bodypump

Sunday – run/total body weights

Monday – rest

Tuesday – FitFlow

Wednesday – Bodypump or run/weights

I kind of did what I had planned. Except I did eliptical instead of run on Sunday. Then ran on Monday, and rested Tuesday. Yesterday I did a 25min run and a way better pace than I have been so I was really happy with that. I also slacked off on my weights though because I didn’t have a plan in place when I got to the gym, so lesson learned.

I just did a spin class today so my workout for today is over. My workout plan for the next three days is: two gym sessions of a run and total body tabata. I’ll make sure to have the tabata part planned out before I step foot in the hotel gym!

So, tell me: How do you stay fit while travelling? Any tips to share?



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