A Winter Wonderland

Greetings from the North Pole! We got 30cm of snow today, and it’s still coming down. This is what my backyard looked like only 2hr into the storm…

holy snow!

Around lunchtime I called the gym and they said they were thinking of closing around 5. My plan was to go to spin class at 6, so I cancelled that and went to the 12:30 bootcamp instead. Great move. A full body workout in 1hr? Yes please!

Once my workout was done I lounged out for the rest of the afternoon. Unlike most Canadians, I actually love the snow and look forward to winter. So I chilled in the sunroom reading magazines and sipping hot chocolate with the bf beside me. Life is good 🙂

All that rest had to come to an end though. It was time to cook and I had a lot to do. We decided to have lasagana and garlic bread for supper, and I made two extra to have for leftovers. I made them with whole wheat pasta, non-fat cottage cheese, and low-fat cheese on top. Much healthier than the original recipe, and equally delicious.

I also made a shepherds pie to take to work with me this week. It’s not something I make all that often but definitely good on a wintery day like today!

layered goodness

best. biscuits. ever.

shepherds pie, lasanga, and sweet potato biscuits

Above are a new recipe I tried out, that I found on Budget Bytes. Sweet potato biscuits, and they are as delicious as they sound. I made them to go with the chili that I made yesterday. Check out the recipe here.

Tell me, what’s a recipe you tried but weren’t sure how well it would turn out?

I had high hopes for these, but I was afraid they would taste fibre-y, like sweet potatoes sometimes do.


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