Shooter Sleeves

This past month I did a few outdoor runs in the cool temperatures (a big first for me!!). As a new runner, I am still trying to get used to layering and dressing for the cold weather. One day when it was 8degrees I wore a t-shirt, long sleeve 1/4zip shirt, and mittens and was way too warm once I got going. The next time I went it was -3 and I wore the same outfit, and it was much more suited to that temperature. This past weekend it was just 5 degrees but was dark out. I thought I would try something new and I’m glad I did…

looking way too excited to go for a run!

Did you think I was wearing a long-sleeve under my t-shirt? Wrong-o! (any Grinch movie fans here? nope? ok..)

Those things on my arms are NBA Shooter Sleeves! My bf got them at Target for $7 and now I have stolen them, muahaha.. From the little research I did, actual running sleeves were $25 and up! Maybe my idea isn’t groundbreaking, I don’t know, but it is a cheap way to keep your arms warm enough and the rest of your body at a decent temp.

My workout plan for this week:

  • Monday – 30min run (did this first thing in the a.m., wooo)
  • Tuesday – spin and core class (knee felt great = bonus!)
  • Wednesday – teach spin and then go for a run
  • Thursday – cardio & core bootcamp
  • Friday – spin class
  • Saturday – run
  • Sunday – off

Tell me, what’s something you thought was a genius invention/creation? Also, what’s your favourite spin class song? (I’m always on the lookout for new music)


2 thoughts on “Shooter Sleeves

  1. I am the worst at dressing for cold weather running!! I am aways too cold or too hot! I used to teach spin in the summer and for some reason Michael Jackson always made it to my playlists!

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