Christmas Fitness Wishlist

Say that title 10 times fast! I’m a little bit old for writing a letter to Santa, but I can still think up some cool fitness-related things for the new year, right?

1. Aveda Energizing Body Wash – so that I can go back to smelling nice after a hard workoutsource

2. Bosu Pro Balance Trainer – for some awesome home workouts


3. Lululemon Wunder Under Crops – the ultimate workout and casual crops


4. Polar FT40 Heart Rate monitor – I’ve tried to measure my heart rate while working out and it seems tough to count. This tells me when I’m in my fat burning zone and has an alarm if I go out of it. And it’s in white, love it!


5. A Treadmill – I don’t have an actual one picked out. I’m guessing the beginning of February there will be some to choose from on kijiji from the fitness newbies who’ve had enough. Their loss will be my gain (and then my loss in weight, haha)



Tonight’s supper was grilled chicken thigh burgers, topped with some guacamole and montery jack cheese on whole wheat thin buns. I steamed some broccoli for a side, and it was all delicious!


This is Rudolph. He endorses my Christmas Fitness Wishlist 🙂

Tell me, what’s on your fitness wishlist? 



2 thoughts on “Christmas Fitness Wishlist

  1. I think a new work-out video is on my Christmas Wish List. I’m getting tired of Tony @ P90X, hehe. Love, the Momma Cat.
    PS – Those Grinches are pretty cute behind the broccoli!

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