)Happy Holidays!

Why yes, that is a Lamb Chop puppet, and numerous Grinch items. 25 going on 5?

Ok, so I’m a few days late on the “Merry Christmas” post, so let me apologize now. It’s been a hectic week, as I’m sure it has been for many others also. This post is also long, oops!

Although busy, it was a fantastic Christmas 🙂 Dave and I invited both of our families up for brunch on Christmas Eve. I was up early that day, prepped the food and then went to the gym for Spin. When I got back Dave and I exchanged one present each. Dave is a huge Miami Dolphins fan, so I got him a Dolphins snack holder helmet. He got me the Dolphins henley sweatshirt I had on my wishlish. We were both so happy with our gifts. Once both of our sets of parents arrived we had Overnight French Toast with maple bacon, and some fruit. Yum!

That afternoon was the Dolphins/Patriots game so the guys watched it while I made some food for my families Christmas Dinner later that day. We did take a break to go for a walk in the park, since it had snowed the day before and looked sooo festive.

all decked out in Dolphins gear

That evening Dave and I went to my parents for the night. We had an amazing turkey dinner (thanks Mom!) and then played Whovilleopoly (that would be Grinch monopoly) all night. I came in last (booo) but it was still fun. Then we all nomiated who should get the coal in their stocking, and went to bed.

We woke up Christmas morning and opened stockings/presents with my parents and sister. I have been driving everyone nuts about a Keurig, and Santa was very good to me and surprised me with one! I also received lots of stuff for the house, and numerous cute sheep things (my favourite animal). My family all enjoyed the presents I got for them too, success!!

my beverage centre... and my sheep tea cozy

Dave and I came back to our house for “our” Christmas. He surprised me with the most heartfelt/cute/funny movie. I loved it 🙂 After that we were on the road to drive in to see his family. We opened presents with them in the afternoon, enjoyed a roast beef dinner, and then showed them the movie Dave made. Both of our parents had a part in creating the movie, so everyone was super anxious to watch it. It was such a hit, there were happy tears all around!

my new bread maker.. thanks to Daves parents 🙂

I was happy that we split our time with our families so well. We did a good job balancing out the time with each, so I think it was a win-win for everyone. I was also happy that I kept up all the traditions from previous years, and maybe started a couple more. To me, the traditions are the best part of the Holidays, because they are all based around people I love. (Sorry for being so sappy)

I did a decent job not going overboard on the delicous holiday foods. Could I have done better? Sure. But the Holidays are only once a year so it isn’t a big deal. On Dec. 28th I was back at the gym working hard so I’m proud I didn’t use the Holidays as an excuse to take this week off.

So tell me, how was your Christmas? What was the best present you gave/received? What was the best Christmas tradition you had?



One thought on “)Happy Holidays!

  1. You are so right Jilly,it was a fantastic Christmas! I really liked having our “dinner” on Christmas Eve and then enjoying a relaxing Christmas day. Once again, congrats to Golfer Dave for his incredible Whovilleopoly win! Have you worn out your Keurig yet? LOL Really like that picture of you two in Victoria Park. We certainly had the perfect “white Christmas”.

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