2012 Resolutions

Once again, I’m a little behind… It was a crazy week at work but at least I have had 5 extra days to figure out my resolutions. Instead of resolutions I am making 10 goals: some fitness related, some not. Here they are, in no particular order:


1. Run a 10k is less than an hour. I should have two chances to accomplish this as I’m planning to run the Bluenose 10k in Halifax the end of May, and then the PEI Marathon 10k in October. I haven’t run much lately since it really messed up my IT band, but I will ease into it.


2. Become certified to teach TRX classes. I enjoy teaching Spin and would love to have another class to teach.


3. Cut my body fat down to 20%. I’m not even sure where my bodyfat currently is, but I know its not near 20%. First step to acheive this is finding out my current percentage.


4. I will have $____ in my bank account. I currently save 20% of my paycheck pre-tax automatically, but I would like to beef up my chequing account. This is going to involve more dedicated budgeting and less splurging on things I don’t need!

5. I will surprise Dave with dates and some mini-trips. Pretty self-explanatory, and surprises are always nice!


6. I will be able to touch my toes. Currently I am about 5″ from being able to do this. So I need to be dedicated to having a good stretch session before and after my workouts.

7. I will spend more time at my cottage. It is one of my favourite places to be, yet I only get there 5-6times a summer. That just isn’t enough, especially when you consider I only live 45min away. I am not going to live this close for many more years, so I need to take full advantage while I still can!


8. I will eat at least 4 servings of veggies/fruits per day. I am currently averaging 2 or 3, so this needs to get better!

I think these are some quality goals, and my end date for all of them is January 31st, 2012!

Tell me, what are some resolutions you’ve made?


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