How To : Paint Wooden Furniture

Well after a week’s worth of sanding, priming, and painting my project is finally over! My desk went from this…

to this:

I got this desk from my great-aunt when I moved into my house and it sat in my sunroom for the past couple years. I finally decided to spruce it up this past week and it looks so much better!

So, what do you need to revamp your piece of furniture?

– sandpaper (I used 180 grit) and a sanding block

– tack cloth

– drop sheet

– paint can opener

– hammer

– stir stick

– primer (I used Dulux X-Pert Gripper)

– paint (I used Sico Furniture & Cabinets)

– foam roller and tray

– paintbrush

Step 1. Move your piece of furniture outside or somewhere that dust is ok. Take your 180grit sandpaper and go to town. You don’t need to sand it down the the bare wood, just scruff it up and dull the finish. It should look like this when you’re done sanding.

Step 2. Take your tack cloth and wipe down the furniture to remove all the dust and dirt. The tack cloth has stickiness to it, so you may want to wear rubber gloves to keep the waxy stuff off your hands.

Step 3. Lay your furniture on a drop-sheet and roll on a thin coat of primer. This doesn’t have to look perfectly even, just as long as the surface is covered. If your piece was previously a dark colour and you’re painting it a light colour you should add a second coat of primer. Once you’ve finished painting on the primer make sure you take a look and clean up and runs/drips. Let your primer dry according to the directions on the can. If it’s a warm day outside (and not too muggy) it should be dry within a couple hours.Step 4. Now you’re finally ready for the first coat of paint! Brush and roll on your paint, being careful not to have any runs/drips. Roll nice and slow along the top, and be careful not to have any streaks on the top. Let dry completely in between coats. The amount of coats will depend on how thick you’re painting them on, and how dark/light your piece was and is going to be. Mine took 4 coats of paint, but I wanted to make sure it looked nice and even and I only used 1 coat of primer. Another quick note on paint, I used a water based Melamine paint for cupboards, but any latex semi-gloss would work too. A lot of people also used oil-based, however this is a pain to clean up if you’re not a neat painter (like me!). You also need chemicals to clean your paintbrush. I’ve only ever used water/latex based paint for my pieces of furniture and they all have stood up well to wear and tear just fine so I wouldn’t bother with oil-based.

after 1 coat of paint

after 2 coats of paint

Step 5. If you want your piece to have a glossy finish you could paint on a water based polycrylic like this one.

And that’s it! Don’t be afraid to attempt this project indoors, I’ve painted pieces in my old apartment and as long as windows were opened the paint smell went away.

the finished project

Transform some furniture soon and let me know how it turns out!


Glorious Friday

Happy Friday! I hope it’s as sunny and warm where you are as it is here 🙂 I love sunny mornings, they just make the day so perfect the second I step out of bed.

Today is FLOW, so head on over to In Sweetness and In Health to learn more!

What I have for you today is a TRX Full-Body circut. I’m a huge fan of TRX classes, but I don’t like having to constantly adjust the straps, so this circut is broken into mid and long setting sections so the adjustments are minimal.

Warm up for 10min. Perform each move for 45sec, and then go right into the next move, or rest 15sec in between if you’d rather. Complete the entire circut and then repeat for a total of 3x!


Mid setting

  • Curtsy lunge
  • Muscle-Ups
  • Pistol Squat
  • Chest Press
  • High Row
  • Tricep Extension
  • Standing Roll Out (may need to shorten straps somewhere between a short and mid setting)

Long Setting

  • Reverse Suspended Lunge
  • Hamstring Curl
  • Plank w/ see saw motion
  • Atomic Crunch

** If you’re new to TRX, get approval from a doctor before attempting. Also, have a certified TRX trainer show you each movement so that you’re completing them properly. Good form is key!

I hope it's good!

Tonight my Mom and I are having a Mom & Beans night! I’m making us some homemade pizza for supper and then we’re going to see this movie. I even bought our tickets last night, couldn’t risk it selling out haha. I know there’s a limit to how “chick-flicky” a movie can be for getting Dave to come with me, and I think this one exceeds his limit. Perfect for Mom and me though!

Before my movie night I have to get the final coat of paint on my desk, work-out, and soak up a little of this glorious sunshine, so I better get to it. Enjoy your Friday!

Tell me, what’s your favourite TRX exercise? And are you going to see The Lucky One?

Covered in Paint

I was crossing my fingers for a few sunny days in a row in my last post, and my wish came true! Today was sunny and warm, and it’s going to be more of the same the next couple days. So the past couple days have been filled with me working on painting my desk (which will be a “how-to” post when it’s completed). Although I grew up with a paintbrush in my hand (not literally, but I’ve painted lots of rooms/furniture) I am the messiest painter ever. It’s all over my hands, up my arms, and even on my elbows. Ridiculous!

It’s been a pretty low-key week on the fitness front too. I went for a nice walk in the park on Tuesday, and I taught Spin yesterday at lunch. I’ve been battling a cold so I’m not working out too hard. Today my workout is an Upper Body/Core class, and then I’m teaching Bootcamp. Tomorrow I’ll attend Bootcamp and I’m hoping to get into Spin class on Saturday.

I treated myself last week and ordered Lululemon’s Legendary Duffel bag. I knew it was being delivered on Tuesday so I had to stick around home the entire day. When my package finally arrived I was kinda disappointed. I really love rose gold, and I thought that’s what they used for all the hardware on the bag, but they used silver for all the zipper pulls and pocket cinchers. See what I mean?


I’m due for a new bag since my old one is looking pretty ratty, but I don’t think I love this enough to keep it. It’s my first time being disappointed by any product from Lulu (yes I know this is just an esthetic thing) but darn! Oh well, just have to keep my eyes peeled for other bags to come out 🙂

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post, I’ll be sharing a TRX workout for you to try 🙂 Enjoy your Thursday!

What are your thoughts on the bag? What is your favourite item from Lululemon?

Decorating On The Cheap

One of my biggest interests is home decorating/Do It Yourself projects. I love the idea of completely transforming a room in a day and making it totally ME. When I first came to look at my house before I bought it I immediately fell in love with the sunroom. It looks out to the park and our backyard, and has windows on 3 sides. It was painted in this ugly olive green colour and had these heavy, dark green curtains that totally didn’t match the vibe of the room, but I saw it’s potential 🙂

Just after I moved in

Just after I moved in

I didn’t want to spend much to make this room feel cozy. Yesterday I bought the final piece of furniture for this room, and overall I have spent about $185 to decorate and personalize my sunroom over the past two years. The things I bought were:

  • a rug, $30 at Wal-Mart
  • a slipcover, $60 from Zellers
  • a gallon of paint, $35
  • a shelving unit, $40 from Zellers
  • a lamp, $20 from Wal-Mart

So $185 later and some furniture rearranging I now have this:

my space <3

my space ❤

The cube shelf on the right was my big purchase yesterday. My magazines always used to be spilling out of the magazine holder I had, so now I can have them categorized by type and kept all in one area. I have some keepsakes from Dave displayed, and all my sheep story books (from my mom for the “future” haha) on the shelves too.

So, how can you decorate a room for a minimal amount of $$$?

Buy a can of paint. This will be the biggest bang for you buck. A gallon of paint is around $35, and can make a world of difference. If you can afford it, buy your paint with the primer built-in (usually an extra $10-$15) for the best results.

See what friends/family are giving away. The couch in my sunroom was given to us by Dave’s parents. This saved me from spending major $$$ on having to buy one.

Use slipcovers/sheets to disguise your furniture. The pattern on this couch didn’t match the room. Wait for slipcovers to go on sale (usually once a month) or use a plain flannel sheet thrown over the furniture and tuck in the edges.

Repurpose what you already have. Instead of buy a fancy box to put my momentos in, I used a piece of ribbon I had from my scrapbook supplies. Use cardstock to cover up a cereal box cut into the shape of a magazine holder instead of buying one at Staples for $12. Be creative 🙂

Browse the Zellers/Wal-Mart/Target near you. I have found furniture at these stores  is more than suitable, and usually at a decent price. Find a piece you like, and then watch the flyers for it to go on sale. Beware of discount stores though, in my experience the pressboard furniture can be missing screws/hardware, or the holes aren’t drilled to line up properly. The little bit of money you save isn’t worth the headache or hassle of having to go out to buy what’s missing.

Check online ads like Kijiji/Craigslist. Items like coffee tables and end/side tables are a dime a dozen on these sites, and people are trying to get rid of them fast (which is in your favor!). You should be able to buy them for $20max, and after giving them a quick coat of paint (again, paint=magic) you have a great looking piece of furniture that cost you $30 and just a couple hours of your time!

In the next few weeks I’ll be putting up a post on how to paint furniture. I just need a couple of warm, sunny days when I’m off so I can complete the project. Cross your fingers for me 🙂

That’s it!! Easy right? Do you have any tips to add or decorating stories to share?

30min Spin

Happy Friday!! If you’re looking for a quick cardio workout for this weekend then I have just the thing for you!  This workout is 30min total including your warm-up and cool-down and stretches. Enjoy!!

For the first time EVER I’m participating in FLOW 🙂 Head on over to In Sweetness And In Health to find out what FLOW is all about!

30 Min Spin

  • Lose my Breath by Destiny’s Child – warm up
  • Crazy in Love by Beyoncé/Jay Z, Fighter by Christina Aguilera – 30s seated climb @ 70% gear, 15s break, 60s seated climb @ 70% gear, 15s break, 90s standing climb @ 70% gear, 15s break, 2min standing climb @ 70% gear
  • Are you gonna be my girl by Jet – tempo work, 40% gear
  • Work It by Nelly – 30s each @ seated position #1, seated position # 3, hover, standing jog, hover, seated position #3, seated position #1. You should have 45s of recovery at the end of this song.
  • Temperature by Seal Paul and Lemme get That by Rihanna – 30s each @: seated climb 50%, seated climb 60%, seated climb 70%, standing climb 70%, standing climb 80%, hover 80%, standing climb 80%, standing climb 70%, seated climb 70%, seated climb 60%, seated climb 50%
  • Gel by Collective Soul – 15s sprint, 20s rest, 25s sprint, 20s rest, 35s sprint, 20s rest, 15s sprint
  • Broken Wings by Alter Bridge – cool down and stretch out those legs

Feel free to contact me with any questions about the terms. I hope you enjoy this workout!

Tell me, what are you looking forward to the most this weekend? Any fun workouts planned?

Psyching yourself up

I am in the middle of my days off, and boy have they been productive so far! Yesterday I got my car serviced, and cleaned the house. Today I had another car appointment, more cleaning, and some cooking to do. Both days I got in great workouts too!

However, sometimes I have zero ambition to do things, if it’s not exactly when I want to do it. Ever feel that way? If you told me I absolutely had to clean my bathtub this moment, I would grumble the whole time but I would do it. But if I’m in the middle of a cleaning mode (like this week) I’ll have that shower cleaned in 2 minutes with a smile on my face (ok maybe not that happy :P)

My point is, sometimes we just have to psych ourselves up to get things done. For me, that happened twice the past couple days.

Now that winter is over, I have the urge to get my house all spic-n-span so that once the warm weather finally arrives I can be outside enjoying the sun, not inside scrubbing my house top to bottom. But my “spic-n-span” mindset doesn’t exactly include matching up pieces of tupperware. haha

disaster zone

disaster zone

Twenty minutes later I cleaned up this mess and switched my containers to a new, easier to manage location. All it took were some country tunes on the radio and before I knew it I was done. Not bad!

100x better

100x better

Today’s workout was an awesome circut workout I found on PB Fingers. As soon as I read through it I knew it was going to be great, but knowing it had burpees in it made me debate doing a totally different workout. Pathetic, yes. For some reason burpees make me panic and whenever I do them in bootcamp classes the seconds draaaagggggggg on. I guess they’re just a love/hate exercise. So at the gym today when I got to the burpees section of the workout I found a really energizing song on my iPod and powered through them. And, they felt great. Easy in fact! Maybe music makes all the difference?! I felt like I really accomplished something leaving the gym today 🙂

Tonight’s supper was Maple Meatballs, which I found on Pinterest last month but only just got around to making. I’m a maple freak, but my precious maple syrup is like gold to me, so I never use it to cook with. But today seemed like the perfect day to have a nice comforting meal, so I got to work in the kitchen and made a nice supper for Dave and myself. I paired the meatballs with some brown rice and a big salad on the side.

Yesterdays supper was a different story though. I was pretty tuckered out from my work week , and I had zero ambition to cook (which is RARE for me). I debated making chicken thighs with chicken Sidekicks (that’s all we had in the house), but I just couldn’t do it. Call me a food snob haha. So instead, after the gym I popped into the grocery store and bought a rotisserie chicken with some salad fixings. Simple, healthy, and delicious. The perfect “too busy/lazy to cook” weeknight meal 🙂

So tell me, what’s a task/exercise you have to really talk yourself through. And what’s your go-to easy healthy meal?

Lemon Loaf on a wintery day


Hope the Easter Bunny found all of you! Dave and I somehow forgot to put out our baskets, but the Bunny made a late delivery yesterday and now I have some Mini-Eggs to munch on, yay!

Dave and I hosted his parents and one of his friends here for the Masters yesterday. Since I love entertaining so much, earlier in the week I had planned on this spring/warm weather meal with a nice light dessert. Springtime just isn’t the right time to make something heavy/full of chocolate, so I thought that a lemon loaf would be this perfect sunny, warm, Easter treat. I bought all my ingredients early in the week, and then woke up to this yesterday morning…

Just 12cm on snow in April... no big dealYup, a freak snowstorm rolled through overnight and dropped 12cm of snow on us! Normally I’m a huge fan of snow in the fall/winter so that I can snowboard, but once the hills close for the season I’m looking forward to Spring 🙂

Anyway, I made my lemon loaf and bbqed pulled pork with baked macaroni & cheese and it was all a big hit  🙂

If you ever have to go to a potluck or a family event this would be the perfect dessert because it travels so well. It also makes a great hostess gift for someone too!


  • 1/2 cup shortening, softened
  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 2 eggs, well beaten
  • 1 1/2 cups flour
  • 1 tsp. baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp. salt
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1 lemon, grated rind and juiced
  • 2 Tbsp. sugar

Preheat oven to 340°. Mix together shortening, sugar, and eggs. In a seperate bowl, sift together flour, baking powder, and salt. Add the dry ingredients into the shortening mixture, along with the milk, lemon rind, and 1 Tbsp of the lemon juice. Mix together lightly until all the dry ingredients are absorbed. Pour into a greased loaf pan. Bake for 1 hour or until done (mine was about 50 minutes). Once done, remove from oven and let cool in the pan for 10 min. Meanwhile, mix in a small bowl the remaining lemon juice and 2 Tbsp of sugar. Microwave this for 30sec until the sugar is dissolved, then pour this over the loaf.

*Easiest way to see if the loaf is done is to insert a toothpick into the middle of the loaf. When you pull it out if nothing is sticking to it then the loaf is done. If there is batter on the toothpick, it needs more time.

And when you’re all done you’ll have this to enjoy:


On a side note, I went to the gym yesterday and did a full body circut. I thought the gym was going to be closed so I was pumped when I looked on their website and they were open! It was the most well-rounded circut I have done recently, it hit every major muscle group and didn’t require a ton of equipment. Sadly, I didn’t write down where I found it so I can’t link to it. Once I remember where I got it I’ll be sure to let you know!

Did you watch the Masters yesterday? Were you cheering for anyone? I was hoping for Bubba, he just seems so down-to-earth and I liked how emotional he was, I know I would be the exact same way!

What was the best part of your Easter? I didn’t expect to be off from work, so it was nice to be home for a couple days with Dave!