Psyching yourself up

I am in the middle of my days off, and boy have they been productive so far! Yesterday I got my car serviced, and cleaned the house. Today I had another car appointment, more cleaning, and some cooking to do. Both days I got in great workouts too!

However, sometimes I have zero ambition to do things, if it’s not exactly when I want to do it. Ever feel that way? If you told me I absolutely had to clean my bathtub this moment, I would grumble the whole time but I would do it. But if I’m in the middle of a cleaning mode (like this week) I’ll have that shower cleaned in 2 minutes with a smile on my face (ok maybe not that happy :P)

My point is, sometimes we just have to psych ourselves up to get things done. For me, that happened twice the past couple days.

Now that winter is over, I have the urge to get my house all spic-n-span so that once the warm weather finally arrives I can be outside enjoying the sun, not inside scrubbing my house top to bottom. But my “spic-n-span” mindset doesn’t exactly include matching up pieces of tupperware. haha

disaster zone

disaster zone

Twenty minutes later I cleaned up this mess and switched my containers to a new, easier to manage location. All it took were some country tunes on the radio and before I knew it I was done. Not bad!

100x better

100x better

Today’s workout was an awesome circut workout I found on PB Fingers. As soon as I read through it I knew it was going to be great, but knowing it had burpees in it made me debate doing a totally different workout. Pathetic, yes. For some reason burpees make me panic and whenever I do them in bootcamp classes the seconds draaaagggggggg on. I guess they’re just a love/hate exercise. So at the gym today when I got to the burpees section of the workout I found a really energizing song on my iPod and powered through them. And, they felt great. Easy in fact! Maybe music makes all the difference?! I felt like I really accomplished something leaving the gym today 🙂

Tonight’s supper was Maple Meatballs, which I found on Pinterest last month but only just got around to making. I’m a maple freak, but my precious maple syrup is like gold to me, so I never use it to cook with. But today seemed like the perfect day to have a nice comforting meal, so I got to work in the kitchen and made a nice supper for Dave and myself. I paired the meatballs with some brown rice and a big salad on the side.

Yesterdays supper was a different story though. I was pretty tuckered out from my work week , and I had zero ambition to cook (which is RARE for me). I debated making chicken thighs with chicken Sidekicks (that’s all we had in the house), but I just couldn’t do it. Call me a food snob haha. So instead, after the gym I popped into the grocery store and bought a rotisserie chicken with some salad fixings. Simple, healthy, and delicious. The perfect “too busy/lazy to cook” weeknight meal 🙂

So tell me, what’s a task/exercise you have to really talk yourself through. And what’s your go-to easy healthy meal?


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