Decorating On The Cheap

One of my biggest interests is home decorating/Do It Yourself projects. I love the idea of completely transforming a room in a day and making it totally ME. When I first came to look at my house before I bought it I immediately fell in love with the sunroom. It looks out to the park and our backyard, and has windows on 3 sides. It was painted in this ugly olive green colour and had these heavy, dark green curtains that totally didn’t match the vibe of the room, but I saw it’s potential 🙂

Just after I moved in

Just after I moved in

I didn’t want to spend much to make this room feel cozy. Yesterday I bought the final piece of furniture for this room, and overall I have spent about $185 to decorate and personalize my sunroom over the past two years. The things I bought were:

  • a rug, $30 at Wal-Mart
  • a slipcover, $60 from Zellers
  • a gallon of paint, $35
  • a shelving unit, $40 from Zellers
  • a lamp, $20 from Wal-Mart

So $185 later and some furniture rearranging I now have this:

my space <3

my space ❤

The cube shelf on the right was my big purchase yesterday. My magazines always used to be spilling out of the magazine holder I had, so now I can have them categorized by type and kept all in one area. I have some keepsakes from Dave displayed, and all my sheep story books (from my mom for the “future” haha) on the shelves too.

So, how can you decorate a room for a minimal amount of $$$?

Buy a can of paint. This will be the biggest bang for you buck. A gallon of paint is around $35, and can make a world of difference. If you can afford it, buy your paint with the primer built-in (usually an extra $10-$15) for the best results.

See what friends/family are giving away. The couch in my sunroom was given to us by Dave’s parents. This saved me from spending major $$$ on having to buy one.

Use slipcovers/sheets to disguise your furniture. The pattern on this couch didn’t match the room. Wait for slipcovers to go on sale (usually once a month) or use a plain flannel sheet thrown over the furniture and tuck in the edges.

Repurpose what you already have. Instead of buy a fancy box to put my momentos in, I used a piece of ribbon I had from my scrapbook supplies. Use cardstock to cover up a cereal box cut into the shape of a magazine holder instead of buying one at Staples for $12. Be creative 🙂

Browse the Zellers/Wal-Mart/Target near you. I have found furniture at these stores  is more than suitable, and usually at a decent price. Find a piece you like, and then watch the flyers for it to go on sale. Beware of discount stores though, in my experience the pressboard furniture can be missing screws/hardware, or the holes aren’t drilled to line up properly. The little bit of money you save isn’t worth the headache or hassle of having to go out to buy what’s missing.

Check online ads like Kijiji/Craigslist. Items like coffee tables and end/side tables are a dime a dozen on these sites, and people are trying to get rid of them fast (which is in your favor!). You should be able to buy them for $20max, and after giving them a quick coat of paint (again, paint=magic) you have a great looking piece of furniture that cost you $30 and just a couple hours of your time!

In the next few weeks I’ll be putting up a post on how to paint furniture. I just need a couple of warm, sunny days when I’m off so I can complete the project. Cross your fingers for me 🙂

That’s it!! Easy right? Do you have any tips to add or decorating stories to share?


3 thoughts on “Decorating On The Cheap

  1. Wow! What a transformation! That shelving unit is a great idea, Jilly. I’d say that after your kitchen, your sunroom is my second favourite room in your sweet house. the Momma Cat

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