How To : Paint Wooden Furniture

Well after a week’s worth of sanding, priming, and painting my project is finally over! My desk went from this…

to this:

I got this desk from my great-aunt when I moved into my house and it sat in my sunroom for the past couple years. I finally decided to spruce it up this past week and it looks so much better!

So, what do you need to revamp your piece of furniture?

– sandpaper (I used 180 grit) and a sanding block

– tack cloth

– drop sheet

– paint can opener

– hammer

– stir stick

– primer (I used Dulux X-Pert Gripper)

– paint (I used Sico Furniture & Cabinets)

– foam roller and tray

– paintbrush

Step 1. Move your piece of furniture outside or somewhere that dust is ok. Take your 180grit sandpaper and go to town. You don’t need to sand it down the the bare wood, just scruff it up and dull the finish. It should look like this when you’re done sanding.

Step 2. Take your tack cloth and wipe down the furniture to remove all the dust and dirt. The tack cloth has stickiness to it, so you may want to wear rubber gloves to keep the waxy stuff off your hands.

Step 3. Lay your furniture on a drop-sheet and roll on a thin coat of primer. This doesn’t have to look perfectly even, just as long as the surface is covered. If your piece was previously a dark colour and you’re painting it a light colour you should add a second coat of primer. Once you’ve finished painting on the primer make sure you take a look and clean up and runs/drips. Let your primer dry according to the directions on the can. If it’s a warm day outside (and not too muggy) it should be dry within a couple hours.Step 4. Now you’re finally ready for the first coat of paint! Brush and roll on your paint, being careful not to have any runs/drips. Roll nice and slow along the top, and be careful not to have any streaks on the top. Let dry completely in between coats. The amount of coats will depend on how thick you’re painting them on, and how dark/light your piece was and is going to be. Mine took 4 coats of paint, but I wanted to make sure it looked nice and even and I only used 1 coat of primer. Another quick note on paint, I used a water based Melamine paint for cupboards, but any latex semi-gloss would work too. A lot of people also used oil-based, however this is a pain to clean up if you’re not a neat painter (like me!). You also need chemicals to clean your paintbrush. I’ve only ever used water/latex based paint for my pieces of furniture and they all have stood up well to wear and tear just fine so I wouldn’t bother with oil-based.

after 1 coat of paint

after 2 coats of paint

Step 5. If you want your piece to have a glossy finish you could paint on a water based polycrylic like this one.

And that’s it! Don’t be afraid to attempt this project indoors, I’ve painted pieces in my old apartment and as long as windows were opened the paint smell went away.

the finished project

Transform some furniture soon and let me know how it turns out!


2 thoughts on “How To : Paint Wooden Furniture

  1. Hello Beans!
    Your desk looks great! Just think how pleased Auntie Gwen would be to know that you are taking such good care of her little desk. Now you just have to tackle that drawer-less dresser.. “Before” pics will be needed, LOL.

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